Beginners enthusiasm

I started this blog because I was beginning to work with an artist (Sue Lawty) who I was encouraging to write a blog for another website. I had no experience of blogging so I wanted to know exactly what I was asking her to do.

Sue, I don’t think she’ll mind me saying, was not in a good place with computers when we started, her experiences had been frustrating at times and I suspect rarely rewarding. So I had to ensure that this new experience of writing about her creative process, in public, on a computer, was satisfying, exciting and rewarding. I did my best, I encouraged her to experiment with Apple Mac’s & loving PC’s rather than Windows and fighting PC’s, I think that helped.

But what helped most is that Sue has an amazing desire to do and learn and experience and she takes great risks, she pushes herself in order to find new and more stimulating things in her work she challenges her comfort zone and writes, even when it’s difficult, with passion and a deep desire to connect with her audience. I’d love to be able to write a blog even a fraction as good as hers.

I suspect my posts will dry up very quickly and cobwebs will form about this page. But for now you can revel in a few new instances of ideas, that are expressed more cleverly and elegantly elsewhere, being re-hashed for your reading pleasure.

The thing about taking the plunge and starting to express some thoughts is that if your lucky there’s a whole load of them whirling around your head and you’ve just got to decide which would make even marginally interesting reading for anyone else. Otherwise this is the blogging equivalent of chewing gum.

So somewhere else in this thing there will be one or more posts about beer, or rather Real Ale which is like beer but with flavour, and about books & comics which occupy much of my interest and attention.
Anyway for now I’m going to apologise for my poor vocabulary, my repetitive use of ‘so’, ‘anyway’, and ‘of course’ and my continual misuse of punctuation including a pathetic addiction to the exclamation mark! There see now I’ve done it and in so doing I hope taken away your legitimate right to complain about the quality of my writing , grammar, etc. Also my ideas are exceedingly unlikely to be original, and I’m generally grumpy so I complain a lot. That gives you an idea about the tone to expect as well.

Going to add a post with a long list of beers wot I’ve drunk, because although this is a little sad, and like train spotting, I’ve got that idea in my head and it’s what I want to do now. If I’m lucky to have attracted at least one reader, let’s hope they’ve got a high boredom threshold.


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