Real Ale

As a CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) Member I’m making it a sort of mission to sample as many different beers as I can find, and when presented with a good selection to try to taste everything I haven’t tried until I fall over or run out of money. Sadly the former is most often the case, I’ve never become a hardened drinker who can put away eight or ten pints in a session. And whilst this makes me a cheap date, it also means I get very silly during my third or fourth pint. (Obvious hint – if you’re like me, drink halves. It’s not macho but you get to taste a lot more, and go with a friend, then you can taste each others beers too.)

Like a good bird watcher or train spotter I started to write down the beers I was trying (this might also be because I kept forgetting, either due to old age or drinking too much beer!)

So here is the list, when I know where and/or when I tried a beer I’ve recorded that too.

The Falkland Arms, Great Tew
3 September, 2005
Buckleys Best Bitter
Middle Wicket

Cains FA
Piddle in the Sun
Caledonian Tattoo
McMullens Country Best Bitter
Charles Wells Bombardier
Hopback Brewery Winter Lightning
Gofs Tournament
Thwaites Good Elf

The Turf Tavern, Oxford
3 September 2005
Butts Jester
Arkells 2B
Nethergate Azzarat
Brains Merlin’s Oak
Wye Valley Butty Bach
Atlas Three Sisters
Princeton Jail Ale

27 August 2005
Ramsbury Bitter

16 July 2005
Skinners Davy Jones Knocker
Old Mill Summer Sunshine
Jennings Crag Rat
Batemans Jester
Butts Barbus Barbus Organic
Gamble Inn Fursty Ferret

9 July 2005
West Berkshire Brewery Yaffle
West Berkshire Brewery Mr Chubbs
Devon Firefly Bitter
Butts A Bit O’ Posh
Mauldons Bitter
Jekyll’s Gold

7 May 2005
Cottage Western Glory
Cottage Gold Rush
Cottage Normans Conquests
Butcombe Bitter

3 March 2005
Orkney Raven Ale
Beartown Gingerbear
Stonehenge Bustard

5 February 2005
Banks & Taylor Golden Fox
Caledonian 80/- (Shilling)

24 November 2004
St. Peter’s Cream Stout
St. Peter’s Organic Ale
St. Peter’s Fruit Beer, Grapefruit
St. Peter’s Lemon & Ginger
St. Peter’s Old Style Porter
St. Peter’s Best Bitter
Wychwood Winters Tale
Weston Herefordshire Perry

22 August 2004
Turf Summer Ale
Palmers 200
St. Peter’s Golden Ale

14 February 2004
Ringwood Fortyniner
Wychwood Yorick
Fullers London Pride
Adnams Bitter

Archers Golden
Brakspear Special
Ringwood Best Bitter
Rompers Rein
Oh Be Joyful
Turf Tavern Ale
St Austell Tribute
Jennings Sneck Lifter
Castle Eden Ale
Rebellion Roasted Nuts
Goldenhill Exmoor Stag
Robinsons Robin Bitter
Wye Valley Santas delight
Skinners Betty Stoggs Bitter
Everards Tiger
Oakhams Bishops Farewell
Flintlock Pale Ale
Batemans Miss Luscious
Hardys & Hansons Rocking Rudolph
Coach House Brewing Co. Xmas Pud
Titanic Iceberg
Titanic Black Ice

The Windmill Inn, Stratford Upon Avon
20 November 2004

Goffs Camelot

The George, Borough High Street, London
August 2004

Adnam’s George Ale
Shepherd Neame Goldings

Oxford Beer Festival, 2003
Iceni Brewers Lite
Itchen Valley Teaclipper
Springhead spooky Juice
Green Dragon Chaucer
West Berks Maggs Magnificent Mild
Lodden Bamboozle
Leek Rudyard Ruby
Ringwood Huffkin
Crouch Vale Red

The Old Green Tree, Bath
8 July 2005

Abbey Ales Salvation

The Moletrap, Essex
2 July 2005

Frog Island Croak & Stagger
Wyre Piddle, Piddle Down Under
Hopback GFB

The Masons Arms, Falmouth
3 October 2003

St Austell Tribute

The Grapes, Falmouth
4 October 2003

Doom Bar
Skinners Grapes Gold

The Quayside, Falmouth
4 October 2003

Sharpe’s Special
Cornish Knocker
Ridleys Prospect
Everards Beacon

Seven Stars, Falmouth
5 October 2003

Grays Kick Off

The Three Legged Mare, York
26 & 28 April 2002

Burtons Bridge Alphabet Soup
York Brewery Winter Wobbler
Isaacs Gold
Castle Rock Hemlock Bitter

Royal Oak, York
27 April 2002

Jennings Cumberland Ale

The Bell, Moreton-in-Marsh
Haddas Summer Glory
Abbey Ales Bellringer

The Inn on the Marsh, Moreton-in-Marsh

White Lion, Winchcombe
Goffs Jouster

White Hart, Winchcombe
Stanway Ale

The Cove, Covent Garden
Cornish Blonde

The Swan, Gargrave
Timothy Taylors Landlord


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