Movie rant

MoviesRevenge of the Sith – Yeah, pretty much what we expected, and lots of sabre action for the fanboys. BUT 2 things – firstly why is the new Darth Vader so small? I mean did George think we wouldn’t notice that he’d shrunk? or maybe he’s still growing? This guy is too skinny, and he looks like Beanie-Baby Vader, or one of those Hasbro plastic toys where they got the sculpt wrong! AND secondly we knew what was going to happen. “SPOILER ALERT” It’s that simple, you know the outcome, especially if like me as a 12 year old you saw the original, now you’ve had 30 years to be familiar with this story, you know Anakin’s going to the bad; you know all (or at least most) of the Jedi are gonna get slain; you know Yoda is not gonna beat the Emperor in their face-off; you know Samuel L.J. is gonna get it; you know Obi-Wan’s not in danger fighting Lord Teeny-Tiny, err I mean Vader, you know Padme’s gonna have twins and not live happily ever after; etc.
There is something odd about watching a movie about which you know so much and yet it’s new, it isn’t like you’ve read the book so you know, or you saw the original so the remake has no surprises, it’s much odder than that. It’s like deja vu or one of those weird mind-fucks that makes you feel strangely at odds for a few minutes (or in this case 140 minutes.) All that said, I couldn’t have not seen it, even if I’d read this posted by someone else, I’d still have gone. If you are so inclined, enjoy!


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