Great British Beer Festival 2005

Maybe this should just get added to the Real Ale entry, but wanted to say something about the GBBF, even if it’s just – So many beers so little time! What an amazing selection, impossible to try as many as you’d like, but similarly impossible not to find something you’ll enjoy.

My tips for enjoying your day:
Pace yourself, don’t get legless, just get that buzz on, the one that takes the edges off, removes the stresses of the everyday world (outside the hall) and keeps you smiling all day.

Make sure you’ve got some cool people to keep you company (thanks Mark & Peta) – this helps to maintain a good flow of discussion about the beers and the stands and the other attendees as well as lots of other stuff to keep you all involved and enjoying the day.

Take on solid fuels as well, there’s great food as well as great beer. Not gourmet meals, just honest well prepared grub made from good ingredients and served by friendly people.

Don’t expect great music… there’s loads of other festivals for that, this one is great for one thing, beer!

This year we managed to try 17 different beers, many we’d like to find again and taste a few more pints of, here’s the 2005 list:
(in the order of consumption)

Triple fff Alton’s Pride
Triple fff Pressed Rat & Warthog
Moles Tap
Stonehenge Second to None
Eccleshall Monkey Magic
Springhead Roaring Meg
Salopian Lemon Dream
Malvern Hills Black Pear
Newmans Woolly Mammoth Weis
Bazen’s Flatbac
Bartram’s Stingo
1648 Bee Head
Copper Dragon Golden Pippin Ale
Teignworthy Old Moggie
Belhaven Fruit
Caledonian Tattoo
Church End Gravediggers Mild


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