Books 2

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome – I can remember my father having a hardback copy of this book when I was young. Anyway had never been inspired to read it, until I saw a programme in which 3 ‘comedians’ had a go at re-creating the trip described in the book. This was shown in 2 parts, and I only needed to see the first to get the idea that this book may have been something I should have read earlier. It is indeed very funny, in some fashion it reminds me of PG Wodehouse [except that I’ve never read anything of his either]. But its that kind of period humour of manners, which having been written in 1899, is now part of English history. That said it is a very accessible humour, at least to an English reader (?) and if a little dated feeling in places, not without appeal to todays audience.

Palomar by Gilbert Hernandez – Amazing… more when I’ve finished it (it’s big, both long and heavy, too big to carry about)

The Dogs of Riga by Henning Mankell – 2nd in the series of Kurt Wallander police procedurals, although the 3rd I’ve read, having started with the very cool ‘Firewall’, and that was enough to get me hooked on this character. However this second novel was a disappointing read, the least effective of the three I’ve tried so far. Wallander is out of his element in this plot, in fact out of his native city and country (Sweden) with much of the action taking place in Riga (Latvia). The character becomes a passenger in the plot rather than a driving force, or at least I think that was the root of my sense of dissatisfaction with it. So, although nothing will stop me reading the next in the series, I hope it will be significantly better.


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