Why the big gap? (boring entry – skip it, I would)

Not that anyone’s reading this other than me anyway(!) But although there’s been a big gap since the last post, for some reason a second Blog has started. I don’t really know why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I started the second blog because I wanted a place to keep a load of content together. That’s not a stunningly clever idea, but as I said, at the time I was doing it, it seemed somehow tidier than posting that thread of writing in amongst this one. But of course there is so little here, it probably wouldn’t have made a lot of difference. It wouldn’t have exactly got lost amidst a mass of conflicting entries would it?! Also it’s not as if there’s any great stylistic difference between the two. There’s a style here? Could have fooled me! I hear you cry… Yeah okay, what passes for my style is evident in much the same way in both places.

So am going to keep both running for now, if I could only find the time to write them both (in fact contributing to even one of them regularly would be a step in the right direction).


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