It’s an interesting feeling to write an entry which you actually think someone might read. Well what I mean is that someone (or in fact more than one, someone) who knows me, might read.

That’s the key point here, “identity revealed”, after authoring in anonymity I’ve taken the somewhat deferred risk of revealing the location of this material to two friends. Encouraged in particular by a similar demonstration of curiosity and support from them both, and of course the vanity of anyone doing this to know one is not entirely undiscovered. Perhaps every diarist secretly wishes to be published, if only posthumously in many cases!

I’m not entirely opposed to the idea that anyone may have read some of the preceding stuff, but when I wrote it I did so without an audience in mind, now I have to consider the reader. Am not sure how this might affect the content and the tone. We’ll see I guess.


2 thoughts on “Exposed

  1. The people that might read this are waiting for more! 🙂
    (An extra cost of being famous…)

    crzy_rgntnn (too bored on a Saturday morning during a CSS lesson…)

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