Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami
I’ve read stuff by Murakami before, ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’ was the first I tried I think. And I found that quite hard going despite my predisposition to like it (him being Japanese, and me being interested by all [most] things Japanese). Anyway, so far, this is much more accessible. It’s a love story, of sorts. And another gift from Suzana, who always chooses something for me which she has read, and can therefore recommend, and perhaps she can evaluate against something else we have both read which she knows I too enjoyed.

—— Okay wrote that bit up there on 16 April when I was about a third
of the way in. Here’s the conclusion —–

Hmmmm – not at all sure about the last third of this book. Am trying to remember if this is always the problem with my enjoyment, or otherwise, of Murakami’s books. But also of course this may just be what happens with books (or movies or albums even) that start well – sometimes they disappoint, which can only mean that the ending is the bit you enjoyed less.

Like my previous experience with his writing it’s the point at which things become less realistic, that I lose the attachment to the characters. This is ironic considering how much sci-fi and fantasy stuff I have read, you’d think I could deal with less realistic easily. Maybe it’s the genre mixing that puts me off… am trying to recall if I’ve read things which I’ve enjoyed more but that adopt a similar style. Have to confess that nothing leaps to mind. Maybe I need stronger boundaries in my reading to get the most enjoyment from a book?


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