When recommendations go wrong!

So a few people I knew were reading, and in one case strongly recommending Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

There were reasons to not read this too. Like it being a ‘Richard and Judy’ book of the month or some such rubbish endorsement, two more insipid and patronising representatives of the daytime telly crowd I could not name. Their recommendation was not good news. But I ignored this and listened to others. If you wanna save time and cut to the chase, I should have avoided this book like I avoid R&J, as if they are plague carriers.

In form it comprises 5 or 6 short stories split and wrapped around the central tale, so you read the beginning of these stories going forward in time and then they are cut off, until you are coming out the other side going back in time reading the endings. Additionally they’re sort of linked, and after the first absolutely tedious tale I stuck with this book out of a) curiosity and b) the misguided belief that the second half with all the conclusions would somehow enlighten me and transform my understanding of the whole. They didn’t. It was a complete waste of my life. Don’t make the same mistake.

Well that’s my opinion anyway, after all none of these musings are meant as reviews or ‘recommendations’ they’re only meant to be my observations after all. That said I’d stand by anything I’ve recommended in any entries so far and defend my right to deride the rest for the disappointing experience that they may have been!!


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