Oxford was incredibly busy on Saturday, can only assume that at this point of August most of the world who have a holiday have chosen to take it in the UK. And then to all visit Oxford on the same day too.

Took shelter in the Turf Tavern as we hadn’t been for a few weeks (too busy going to beer festivals) although this time we only tasted a few beers. Coach House Brewery’s Green Bullet, Bateman’s Valiant, Downton Quadhop and Thwaites Craftsman. All good, although the Quadhop was probably the best (and the only one I’d tasted before).

Added a couple of titles to the ‘books waiting to be read shelf’ too, which reminds me that there have been no entries here about books for weeks and weeks. Will have to scour my memory to remember all of them, except the great ones of course which are clear because of how impressed by them I have been. See next entry for more about these…


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