“Time for bed” said Zebedee

Leaving drink for the Web's Favourite Travel Writer, photo by same.[Fri 25/8 0:04am] Way past time I was in the land of nod, but quick post. Here is everyone saying Cheers Paula! at Mark’s leaving drink. Photo by the guest of honour…

[Fri 25/8 0:10am] In fact now cannot manage upload, some sort of problem or too drunk/tired, will try again in the morning.
Will post large original in Flickr tomorrow.

More soon, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[Fri 25/8 4:50am] … accompanied by the sound of the alarm – Me:”grrr *%$! yaaaaaawwwwnnn ^£$!! bleurgh, ow my head! ”

[Fri 25/8 9:10am] Ah ha ! photo recovered, & uploaded. So, there you are. Peta (the Web’s Favourite Travel Writer’s girlfriend), Gail (out socialising with us for the first time), Eleni (always happy with a pint) Lisa (looking fed-up which is odd as she resigned today so should be smiling!), Cassie (probably drunk already), Oracle (definitely drunk already), Jo (constantly planning for her wedding – currently considering asking the Web’s Favourite Travel Writer to take her wedding photos) and the man himself behind the camera.

[ Fri 25/8 10:45am] Forgot to publish this, obviously hungover. Now done!


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