Camera phone

Oxford after the stormIsn’t it amazing what you find on your phone…. These two pics were snapped by me to load here, but have been stuck on my phone while my few remaining brain cells forgot all about them.

Anyway here they are, the first and oldest was snapped the day I went to Oxford to meet up with Clare and baby Hal. Just before they arrived there was the most enormous thunderstorm, with rainwater rushing along the kerbs and gutters about 6 or 8 inches deep. However the moment the rain stopped, all of the tourists re-emerged from their respective shelters, doorways, shops, college entrances and churches and all started snapping away again with their cameras. Thought I’d join them and grab this shot of a church tower which looked more dramatic emerging from the grey clouds than this picture really captures.

Filming in Hyde ParkThe second pic got taken last Thursday afternoon as I walked across the park on my way to Paddington. I spotted this film crew setting up by the side of the lake. In fact although you cannot tell from the small blobs in this photo they were using a camera right on the water’s edge as well as setting up some rails for a camera to run along further up the grass towards where I was walking. I have no idea what they were filming for…


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