Falklands at Christmas and other beers

Why is he writing about Christmas in February you rightly ask. Well it’s ‘cos as is plain I haven’t written anything here for about 3 months. This is for a number of reasons all too tedious to go into.

But did have a few beers in the intervening period, including while celebrating the festive season at the Falkland Arms.

Turf Tavern – Oxford
2 December 2006

White Horse Villiage Idiot
Greene King LBW
Malt’n’Hops Bursley Bitter
Tower Brewery Fosbrooke Bitter

6 January 2007

Hopback Red Ember
Downton Drum Bitter
Greene King Fireside
Smiles Heritage

Falkland Arms – Great Tew
30 December 2006

Hydes Yule Be Back
Wyre Piddle – Piddle Mass Ale
Batemans Rosey Nosey
Wadworth Old Timer
Theakstons Old Peculiar
Wadworth 6X
Henrys IPA


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