Have just finished reading the World War Hulk series from Marvel, this summers ‘crossover’. Have been a HULK fan since I was a kid, probably one of the first superhero characters I read, certainly the one I can remember best. I’ve never been a fan of Spider-Man & Superman – I mean I’ll read them, but they’ve never really caught my imagination like the HULK.

[Batman, well I’ll read those too, but it took the unmissable ‘Dark Knight Returns’ by Frank Miller to get me seriously into Batman as a character]

Anyway, back to WWH, which I have to say was pretty disappointing. I mean there was some great stuff here and there, but on the whole I found it a pretty weak storyline spread far too thin over a range of titles. Some points were made well, particularly to do with the abuse of power by Earth’s super-intelligent superheroes, and these things nicely reinforced the messages coming out of Civil War – much of which seems to reflect the paranoia which can be associated with the role of ‘Homeland Security’. But from the perspective of the HULK as a character, there was nothing great happening – he was the focus of the whole series and the least well rounded and explored of the series characters. If you were not already a HULK fan I doubt you’d have been converted by this particular run.

That said, I am looking forward to HULK #1, just have to try real hard to get a hold of the Daniel Acuna cover variant…
Daniel Acuna HULK#1 variant cover


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