Was in Oxford yesterday, decided to see Juno –

Highly recommended, brilliantly written, acted and directed.
Fabulously funny with some of the best lines I’ve heard in a movie for ages – "Honest to blog" being one of my personal faves.
Expect to see Ellen Page do well during awards season.

Abbeydale EpiphanyWychwood Brewery Dirty TackleAnyway, had forty minutes to kill before the movie so we went into ‘Far From the Madding Crowd‘, which despite being devoid of atmosphere, is always well stocked with interesting real ales, usually five at a time.

We tried Wychwood Brewery‘s Dirty Tackle an okay brew, but nothing outstanding, we’ve definitely had beers of more distinction from Wychwood in the past.

We also drank Epiphany brewed by Abbeydale a beautiful crisp pale golden ale very refreshing.

And Hadrian & Border‘s Tall Ships, a surprisingly sweet rich red brown ale full of flavour. 


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