new arrivals…

…. well at our house anyway. The vinyl toy collection expanded in several small ways this week, rather than with any one big piece. Mutafukaz Run S
Now joining the fight for shelf space are:

One Mutafukaz (Run S variant)
One Smorkin Labbit mini [series 3] (Redrum chase)
One Spider Baby Boom mini (apple)
One Munny Zipper pull [series 2]
One Zoomie (Mo)
One Peecol (Akkiloki)
and three Cactus Pups (Bastardino Jr., Salamino, Riposino)
Smorkin Labbit RedrumSpider Boom Baby appleZoomie MoPeecol Akkiloki
Cactus Pup Bastardino Jr.Cactus Pup SalaminoCactus Pup Riposino


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