Airports (aka the land of limbo)

Aren’t airports bizarre –

As a seriously irregular traveller I am just intrigued enough by them to take in all the weird details while waiting for my flight (Montreal here we come) … And it’s all so plastic and anonymous and, with the except ion of the experienced passengers who just look impatiently at gawpers like me, eveyone looks a little disturbed.

The whole organising your life into two bags and working out which one you can live without if you check-it and they re-route it; the repeated questions about the contents of your bags; and now which fluids, creams and pastes you have and are they all in the see-thru bag; taking off your shoes and belt; – all very unsettling, and all the staff looking so matter-of-fact (inevitably) while you worry about whether you did pack anything sharp and never gave it a second thought.

Now only special plastic food in special plastic trays between us and our destination…


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