Old Friends

Had this complete surprise encounter with an old friend (not that she’s old, just that I’ve known her for a few years). It’s such a nice thing to meet someone special so unexpectedly, it brings back so many happy memories, and some regrets at how bad I am, (we both are) at keeping in touch.

And she’s cool, I mean cool is often one americanism too far, sometimes, like ‘awesome’, a misused word, but not in this case, there isn’t a better word. She’s kind of always a step ahead of the game, which means about ten steps ahead of me. She is opinionated and clever and modest and unsurprisingly professionally successful and well respected, but too cool to acknowledge that.

Sadly there was nowhere near enough time for me to ask her about all the important stuff, or even some of it.

None of us are as young as we used to be but she’s still the most urban, hip-hop, street geezer I know, or am ever likely to know.

Much respect, love’n’stuff goes out to DJ Sussed. Keeping us all honest.

She’s so gonna hate me for this.

ha ha


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