Celebrate Hotel Le Priori, Quebec

So what is going on with wi-fi access in Canada? You’d think the North-Americans would have sorted this out by now, we spent 3 days in the conference at the Hilton Bonaventure in Montreal and the wi-fi access was all over the place, more often down than up, and rarely what you’d call fast. No wi-fi in the rooms but at least when connected by a cable in the room there was fast and reliable bandwidth .

Hotel number two, The Maritime Plaza, Montreal, offered wi-fi access in every room (at Can$9.95+taxes for 24hrs access) but talk about slow, lots of reloads just to get mail screens to load, but impossible to upload anything – so no photos up to Flickr. So frustrating we gave up on the idea of using it and went without access altogether (shock-horror).

On the train to Quebec, ViaRail offered wi-fi access throughout the whole journey (at $8.95+taxes for 24hrs access) And after 30 mins just to register, I wasn’t expecting much. And after a long struggle I managed to respond to some emails, but again no images would upload, even small files optimised for the web.

So thank heavens for Le Priori Hotel in Quebec, where there is not only wi-fi access in every room, but it is FREE and fast, finally I’ve managed to upload 3 days worth of photos and use the internet as if I have my own dedicated broadband connection.

That’s not the only thing to recommend the Priori, it’s a beautiful and thoughtfully designed boutique hotel. Rooms have a unique modern style nothing like the neutral business furnishings of the Hilton and other chains. It maybe helps that it is small, but the staff are also friendly rather than just smiley and professional. Positioned at the base of the city wall under Le Fornac, the surrounding streets are clean and quiet with classy galleries and other small hotels. Toast! the establishments restaurant is pretty special too,


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