I am fortunate enough to know some very talented and generous producers of baked goods 🙂 And the thing is they make it all seem so easy. Now as my long suffering wife will testify I am to a kitchen what the Ebola Virus would be to a World Health Organisation summit, and therefore better to keep me out of the danger zone and if that fails, prevent me graduating beyond tea and toast.

My wife is no mean baker herself, but time is her great enemy, so I look upon the wonders of her occasional creations with particular gratitude and admiration – but some Bakers I know (this is a proper honorific, hence the capital) have mastered the craft and are now making it into an art-form.

As such a failure on the catering front I am always particularly impressed by people who make cooking look not just easy but fun and creative (see this mouthwatering blog by Gastropunk – The Veg Box Diaries he’s gone a bit quiet recently, but as such an infrequent blogger myself I cannot complain).

However what really has got my taste-buds stimulated over the past couple of weeks is CAKE/OFF co-authored by my long-term cake pimp Jo-Bug and her friend and fellow Baker, Daniel. If you can’t cook to save your life, read it and weep tears of envy, avarice and self-pity.

And if you’re really cunning write a sycophantic entry about them on your own blog and pray that they deliver unto you a generously cut slice of their excellence.

Praise the Bakers!


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