Dorian Gray or a TARDIS ?

What a joy it is to meet up again with friends one has not seen for years. I was lucky enough to make contact again today with a friend I had long thought lost to the vagaries of time and my appallingly grumpy and unsociable nature!

However what I couldn’t help but notice is that while I have been steadily chewing up the several years between this meeting and the last (7…?, 8…?, 9…?) whatever, some significant amount at least, my dear friend has either been travelling with the Doctor in his clever blue box and skipped the intervening years entirely, or stored in her attic is a portrait of a steadily declining figure. Face to face she is literally unchanged.

Not that I consider this terribly unfair, but I’d just love to know the secret.

I promise not to tell… 😉

Today I have been mostly in meetings

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