Falkland Arms

So here we are again at the Falkland Arms in wonderful Great Tew, Oxfordshire. This is the umpteenth visit and we must have stayed nearly ten times, the big difference this time however is that the pub has changed hands – not the brewery, it’s still a Wadworth Pub, but the licencees – gone are the welcoming and professional SJ and Paul, and to be blunt the place just ain’t the same without them.

Now it would appear that the new licencees took over in Jan 2008, and due to particular circumstances we hadn’t been to stay since 2007, so although we’d made a couple of visits and not seen SJ or Paul we put this down to bad timing. So it was a bit of a shock to find strangers in charge at our favourite pub. And that wouldn’t matter if a lot of small changes hadn’t also made it feel like a strange and decidedley ordinary place instead of a wonderful one.

Add to this a significant drop in the quality of the food and we’re already talking about finding another pub to take over as our all time favourite.

What a shame. What have Wadworth allowed to happen to this flagship pub? And what happened to SJ and Paul? Why did they give up what appeared to be an idillyic pub in an idillyic setting. What could they have found that was more appealing? Except maybe a job where you’re not working 365 days a year I suppose…

Oh, and it’s four minutes to one in the morning and the crowd in the bar is still making a racket that’s gonna stop me sleeping until the useless bastards in charge chuck these noisey f*#^kers out. Have they nae got homes to go to?


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