Talented Friends

Amazing when you discover a friend with a talent you knew nothing about, it can be quite a revelation. Especially when that friend has an incredible singing voice and has laid down some cool tunes in a music based collaboration!

Now I knew my friend Kate could sing, because I knew she’d been involved in a couple of concerts, but it wasn’t until I heard her singing along to some old tapes in a car that I realised – "man, she can sing"! Maybe my brain couldn’t process this information without the evidence, but suddenly there it was, right in front of my eyes, or in fact right into my ears, a truly lovely singing voice (and, because she had a cold, she assured me – it wasn’t good. What do I know, sounded pretty good to me).

However now I have heard these songs at ‘The Home of KGB’ a MySpace site for Kate and Guy’s collaboration I am confident that, yes, she really does have a lovely voice.

I am impressed too by their list of musical influences, most of which are in my collection somewhere, so maybe I was predisposed to like their sound. But maybe not, maybe they are just another great, but as yet undiscovered, band.

Now I just have to find some more of their stuff to listen to.

And next time there’s an opportunity, I’ll try not to miss the chance to hear her sing live.


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