Where did the Barbecue Summer go & where was I ?

Sorry to be boring and English and write about the weather, but it’s dark again in the morning when I get up (admittedly very early) and August is racing away. My mind programmed at a relatively young age to associate seasons with school terms, knows, once you hit September it’s Autumn term, ergo Summer is over and it’s Autumn from 1st September.

So we woz robbed. The weather men, for all their recent denials, said we wouldn’t have another mostly grey, frequently wet summer – but that 2009 would be a "barbecue summer". What we got was a couple of baking hot weeks back in what was it, the end of June start of July? Then back to lots of cloud and frequent rain, often heavy, especially for our holiday in the Lake District. Lucky us. Since, we’ve managed only a selection of sunny-ish days in August, two fine days this week, and we’re a ‘week away from Autumn’ – in my head anyway.

So that’s a long way round to ask, where the bloody hell have I been since 29 June? What’ve I been doing and why haven’t I found time to post about it? Truth be told I don’t really know.  
Been mainlining series 3 and 4 of the Wire thanks to the BBC – how did it take me so long to catch up with this amazing drama, especially as I loved Homicide: Life on the Street, David Simon’s previous ‘great’ series. Again I dunno.
Been to the Great British Beer Festival with the charming and ever amusing @richbs (for the Twitterers among you) We had a very pleasant afternoon tried some excellent beers and even Tweeted about it a little. Fortunately before alcohol could adversely influence the quality of the tweeting, the big Twitter DNS attack took the whole thing down. That just left us drinking to do.
Been failing to do anything about repairing or replacing our garden fence wot blew done in some bad weather last year.
Been reading some good stuff, a list might follow (in honour of a new reader I may have tempted to my blog – although as a young digital native I’m sure she’s long given up ploughing through all this old drivel – who the fuck gets new readers writing about the weather?)
Been taking some photos, and then failing to follow through and get them on flickr.
Been doing a ton of work related stuff, some of it still ongoing, some of it got launched, some of it going live soon, exhausting but mostly satisfying.
As for the rest of it… your guess is as good as mine! As the wonderful Sandy Denny used to sing "Who knows where the time goes".


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