All change again

There were loads of things I liked about using LiveJournal, particularly the widgets that let me select a ‘mood’ icon for every post, and a place-holder for the music I was listening too at the time I was posting. I also loved the Piximix designed Kaboom Bros Graffiti theme.
There were problems, the biggest one of which was the ridiculous limit on how many links the blog would support. 10 links. What’s that about? The only way I could find to extend the number of links was to pay.
And the back-end had a pretty amateurish feel and felt overly concerned with the whole ‘community’ nature of LJ, an area I can’t say I was interested in. Some may have issues with the WordPress Dashboard, but I love it’s professionalism, it is well laid out and the tools are all at hand. There are more options than I can yet imagine needing. This is the third incarnation of WordPress I have tried and I am happier with it than ever.
So I have moved here, again. And this time I have opted for a very plain theme, but with the twist of a very unusual layout. I like this for now, let’s see if I can live with it.


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