New Designer Vinyl part 1

Seem to have suddenly found sources for a couple of toys I’d been looking for for a while and picked up a new Flying Fortress Teddy Troop, the Le Mans edition along the way.

Add that to news that Kidrobot are opening a London store at the end of next week and I can see my bank manager looking very nervous!

Saner Dunnys

First of these finds was the ‘Saner’ Dunny pairing of Mictlantecuhtli & Xólotl

The big fella at 8-inches, is Mictlantecuhtli, Aztec God of the Dead. The little fella, standard 3-inch Dunny size, is Xólotl.

Also managed to locate one of the 3-inch Teddy Troop series, the rare Oups variant which had eluded me for a few months, thanks to the guys at Mintyfresh along with the new Le Mans Teddy Troop from Flying Fortress.

Oups variant 3-inch Teddy Trooper

Flying Fortress Le Mans 10-inch Teddy Trooper


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