New Designer Vinyl Part 2

So apart from the Saner Dunny’s and the new Teddy Troops, I also got a creativity double hit from the talented Miss Monster Mel. I found her Tentatiger toy on the pre-order section of earlier this year, I liked the look of it so much I comitted to a pre-order. Later and really not connected I found the same artist on Twitter, you too can follow her@missmonstermel

So about the beginning of October when Mel was tweeting about the Tentatiger toys I discovered that Patchtogether hadn’t ever followed up on my pre-order, like Doh! If you can’t notify potential cutomers who’ve already exporessed an interest in buying, you’ve got a business model doomed to failure. Anywho, around this time Mel was offering the Tentagtiger direct, and even better with a signed/sketched-on box. Cool. Also managed to pick-up one of her sketches from Etsy, so had a real windfall of creative deliveries within about a week.


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