So why commute 100* miles?

On a night like tonight this is a question I ask myself with some degree of seriousness.

We find ourselves making a series of short, slow and uncomfortable jumps between London and the Cotswolds, thanks primarily to some scallywags who stole a load of cable from the signalling system in the West Drayton area, presumably to sell for scrap….

As a consequence a long daily journey which I have adapted to over the past 9 years of back and forth travelling is transformed into a mini-nightmare.

So far today’s adventure is nowhere near the worst. We’ve had 5 hour marathons ending up on coaches with the passengers directing the driver who is clueless about where he is or where we’re all going. We’ve had trains which hit unfortunate people leaving us stranded in places we normally fly through at 90mph. And we’ve had a train stuck for 45 minutes about 2 minutes outside our destination. There have been many similar incidents, but spread over such a long period they’ve not yet reached the tipping point which makes me stop this silliness and get a job nearer home.

Tonight, on our first leg to Reading we travelled on a Penzance train, and yes we were speculating how nice it would be to sail through Reading and go the distance to Cornwall. That temptation resisted now, in order to make the next jump to Oxford, we have boarded a cross country service for York, again how tempting to end up in that Cathedral city as a break from the norm.

So why do it. Honestly I can’t even answer that well enough to convince myself. But mostly because I don’t want to change the things at either end of it. And, on days when it goes smoothly, I get time on the train to listen to music and read, or tweet and, even though you’d never believe it given the dust and cobwebs on this blog, I even get time to write.

*note for pedants: I can’t exactly work out the accurate distance, and depending on how you measure, by road, rail or wing of crow the amount varies. but 100 miles is close and it makes for a more interesting title than whatever the ‘real’ distance is, 98.42 miles maybe?


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