Aliases, pseudonyms and the Culture

So who or what is Sleeper Service, and what is the connection with Furious Purpose and Heavy Messing?

With apologies to Mr Iain M. Banks I have for a number of years been appropriating names from his Culture series of Science Fiction novels. These names are all those of ‘Minds’, giant supercomputer-spaceships, kilometers long and uber-powerful with massive intellects. I feel it is also necessary to say that I do not think of myself as having any of these ‘properties’, however they are also somewhat whimsical (or even sarcastic) particularly in their choice of what they call themselves, and I can relate to that.

The best example I can think of to demonstrate this humour is: ‘Ultimate Ship The Second’.

In fact ‘Wisdom Like Silence’, the title of this blog is also the name of a Mind, as are, variously used by me in other places and other lives: Yawning Angel, Grey Area, Halation Effect, Misophist, Heresiarch, Recent Convert,  A Series Of Unlikely Explanations, & Death and Gravity.

For more on The Culture, Minds (& ship names) try Wikipedia here.


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