Dead Eyes Open (Fuck the Reds)

Dead Eyes Open (Fuck the Reds) by SleeperService, on Flickr

Dead Eyes Open (Fuck the Reds)

Another awesome 3A Ashley Wood robot arrived this weekend. He is officially designated: WWRp Large Martin, and he is the Iron Panda variant.

Standing a whopping 9-inches tall he is incredibly well detailed and articulated and the fabric bag/pouches are an equally high quality addition.

I have two minor quibbles. One of the bags partially obscures his decals on the front, especially the ‘hand tagged’ “Fuck the Reds” grafitti, (hence my decision to have only one bag attached in this photo). I love this extra anarchistic touch, shame to hide it, so disappointing he hasn’t got spare attachment points at the rear so this bag can be re-hung. The second issue is that the heavy shielding positioned on the front right of his ‘head’ has a white unpainted section where it attaches to the main figure and this unpainted plastic is clearly visible if the head s turned at particular angles. If it had been black plastic instead of white it probably would be much less easy to notice – I may have to think of a way of darkening it…

Pity about these very minor things as this piece, like other 3A figures, is one to be proud of, an awesome piece of toymanship!


2 thoughts on “Dead Eyes Open (Fuck the Reds)

    • Hi, if you’re talking about the robot, he is not wooden, he is made of plastic. The value is very difficult to speculate on because it depends on condition, whether it is complete, whether it is boxed, etc.

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