Huck Gee feeding frenzy

Box art, Huck Gee Day Raku

Box art, Huck Gee Day Raku

If you’re Huck Gee you gotta be pretty happy with the current state of the designer vinyl toy market.

This is a market in which a Huck Gee new release is greeted with retailers making midnight drops, online stores melting, crashing and overselling stock and fans generally snatching up his work before the boxes can hit the shelves.

I woke up this morning to find the Twitter-stream full of 140 character pleas for servers to speed up, while the more philosophical gave it up to fate or karma to decide whether the transaction they had just completed really went through and resulted in a Huck Gee toy eventually reaching them. Thanks to the whole time difference we in the UK could witness this chaos beginning to unfold and start to anticipate what it was going to feel like for us come 11am.

I don’t have that many Huck Gee pieces and those I do have mostly come from the secondary market at vastly inflated prices. Today I was much luckier, mostly because my wife works pretty close to the Kidrobot London store and was able to go there at lunchtime and get me, without even all that much hassle, the Red edition of the Day Raku.

Of course despite this stroke of good fortune, it was the Black Day Raku I really wanted, but Kidrobot had red and the other dealers had black, and finding one of those dealers with availability online or close enough for a visit was not possible.

But I’m not complaining. I have a piece of Huck Gee awesomeness and as the day draws to a close and the feeding frenzy quietens, the eBay flippers are already raking in the profits, selling single figures at two or three times the retail price. And the desperate and disappointed Huck Gee fans will pay those prices to secure their own bit of awesomeness too!


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