Cavey goodness!

So it was Cavey‘s first birthday party on 26th May and to celebrate, not only was there a party/show in central London, but also the fabulous Holly [@alittlestranger] invited a bunch of artists to collaborate with her on a set of One Of A Kind Cavey’s [@heycavey]to be auctioned off for the birthday celebrations.

Twelve of the UK’s top artists contributed designs to Holly who then spent hours of effort lovingly handcrafting these unique birthday Cavey’s. Then we all got an opportunity to bid on these beauties. I have to say these were all very cool designs, the artists had embraced the Caveyness and Holly did a great job of interpreting those designs in plush (+ extra’s in some cases – I’m looking at you Mr Rose [@crisr])

Now I must declare here, I don’t really collect plush. I see the appeal, it just doesn’t appeal particularly to me. That said, the various Cavey editions which have appeared in the last year have been the closest temptation I’ve found to break my plush ‘duck’.

Cavey x Jonpaulkaiser

Cavey x Jonpaulkaiser

And then it all changed. I saw the sneak peek for the Jon Paul Kaiser [@jonpaulkaiser] Cavey. I was smitten. He is a real beauty, (JPK’s Cavey I mean, although I am sure that JPK himself is a fine figure of a man too). I kept looking at the pics as more was revealed and when I saw the full thing I knew I had to try to make him mine. And another confession, I fully expected that this might be a disappointing quest, but overall the best thing I can say about this Cavey eBay release is that good prices were achieved for all the pieces, but none that would put them entirely out of reach of the dedicated collector. Congrats in particular to my friend Lunabee [@Lunabee_art] tho’ for knocking it out of the park with the biggest total on the night. If that’s any indicator I hope I can still afford to collect her stuff…

So now I just have to wait for him to drop through my letterbox, after which I promise to post pics (for now, credit for the one above goes to Holly, I think…)


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