An avalanche of good things

In a very recent post I was singing the praises of waiting for good things because the anticipation and suspense builds the excitement.

The other observation about the delayed fulfillment of these toy orders is that you usually don’t know exactly when a parcel is going to arrive, and the unexpected joy of arriving home from a hard days work to an unanticipated package is hard to beat.

Unfortunately, however good an experience this may be, having all your long anticipated toys arrive in the same few of days is rather like over-indulging in the candy store, it’s just a bit too much to really enjoy.

This has just happened to me. Seven toys (omfg 7!), all arrived within one week, and not even at the stately rate of one a day. Too. Much. The whole premise underlying my theory is that these longed for, coveted items, appear randomly over time, so every few weeks an almost unlooked for parcel arrives containing who knows what goodies.

I’m so bloated with the recent windfall of arrivals I have barely had a chance to enjoy them, photograph them, tweet or blog about them. I need a window of quiet to spend time appreciating them all, each one in it’s own way and for it’s own merits.

If you’re curious, they were, in this order –

  • Unpainted Orange Greasebat
  • 3A WWR Heavy Bramble Deimos
  • Unpainted GID Greasebat
  • Unpainted Clear Greasebat
  • 3A WWRp Armstrong 0G Monet
  • 3A WWRp Armstrong 1G Gerry
  • 3A WWRp Armstrong 1G MOD7

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