We’re gonna need a bigger boat

There is no room in my house for more toys or more books.

Books are mostly solved by going digital for novels = no shelf space required.

But basically if a new toy arrives an old one has to go!

3A Hatchery Guard 1/12thAfter about five years of collecting whatever took my fancy I am faced with the hard decision of finding homes for some toys from my collection in order to make room for new “must-haves” – and also trying to focus much more on collecting only things that are so appealing that I’m willing to sacrifice something else in order to have them.

So recently the arrival of 3A’s Hatchery Guard saw the departure of one of my Ojo Rojo figures by Martin Ontiveros produced by Gargamel. It’s comforting to know that he’s gone to a collector who wanted him and not randomly out there via EvilBay (although some stuff will go that route I’m sure).


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