I don’t want to get all down on 3A (threeA) having been bigging them up a post or so ago.


I am bored with all the recent licensed releases they have been making. I want Ashley Wood designed stuff, not 2000AD, Metal Gear Solid, Real Steel, or VALVE (as recently announced) – I don’t care how good these licensed products are, or how well 3A make them, it’s just not what I personally want from 3A or my 3AA membership.

Give me World War Robot, Adventure Kartel, Tomorrow Kings (or Queens) or Popbot.

Frustratingly when there has been an Ashley Wood product release, like the recent Adventure Kartel Fighting JC, it turns out to be a surprise drop with random appearances on a working day, for me that means no access to Bambaland to have a chance to grab the dude.

Okay to be fair, I did snag the two variants of the WWRp Sand Devil Mk3 Bertie that were offered recently. But given that I couldn’t secure a surprise Whisper Ghost Popbot in the last drop or a GID Mk3 Bertie in the current one, I’m not having the best 2012 with 3A so far.



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