come in number four your time is up

So after working for the same company for almost 30 years – that is literally since I left school – finally the time has come to move on.

This is not entirely my decision, though there were options. Sometimes when a team gets restructured there are less jobs afterwards than there were before. that is business. Sometimes the people affected by this change from needed to not needed see this as a very personal judgement, and maybe sometimes it is, but my inclination is to view this as a business decision and nothing more.

I could see an imbalance in the staffing of the team, someone with the power to do something has come along and chosen to correct the imbalance by cutting back in the overgrown area rather than cultivating in the underdeveloped one. This is not the wrong strategy, it is just one that leaves fewer posts, and in these straightened financial times that is not a surprising development either.

For many reasons this is a good development for me personally. I had intended to change jobs over ten years ago when I moved out of London to a more rural area where there was a different quality of life. The problem with a good job in an interesting organisation is that it is hard to leave, I sometimes saw interesting posts but then worried that I would regret leaving my current position. Well now that gamble has been taken out of my hands.

So that’s one positive, freedom to move on with no regrets.

And for those ten or more years when I should have found that job closer to home I have been commuting every day into London and home again. this not only takes hours (about 20 each week) out of my life, it costs a fortune, and rail fares go up every year, unlike salaries.

So that’s another positive, a job closer to home means less travelling time and cheaper fares.

The next challenge will be finding that new job. but even here there is opportunity, the chance to learn new skills, meet new people and try new things, and certainly to discover how another organisation works!


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