Deep Powder CommanderAt last, after what has felt like the longest wait between ordering, Sept. due date, Jan. and ultimate delivery, May, the first 3A LUX release is in hand.

Strictly speaking some Caesar’s reached their proud owners in April, (the clean colourways, which presumably didn’t need extra time in the paint shop to be weathered) all got shipped early. This added to the anticipation – and the envy. And for those of us who didn’t have the funds for the Ap-pel Steve Jobs tribute release, now we have seen it all we can do is regret our misfortune.

But enough of regrets, for now let’s concentrate on the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy of the Caesar we have finally got our paws on. For me there was only one choice from the first images, the first sneak peeks, it was all about Deep Comm (aka Deep Powder Commander).

Now I would probably have them all given:

1. The money, and

2. The space to display them.

But I don’t have either. So instead I did what lots of us did, I chose the one which appealed to me the most.

Claxton 80A clarification/confession here, I also bought PRU Support (aka Bromwich). But only after some long thinking and worrying about whether I really wanted Gravedigger or EMGY or 666th Clint E (aka Sand Devil).

And later I also bought R.I.P.003 as well… Because. Shiny. Red. Knives.
I kind of wanted a flat-head as well as a dome, most of my second tier choices gave me that option, but it helped me rule out Gravedigger. Ideally I’d have liked the alternate gun too, Deep Comm comes with the Claxton80, (like the Armstrongs), but so does the Bromwich. EMGY would have been a good choice, has the flathead, comes with the Bertie SMRTGUN and also the dual shields, and presumably given the popularity of other WWR EMGY releases and the secondary market prices of things like the EMGY Grunt this is going to be a bastard to pick up later.


I have one giant EMGY robot, wouldn’t a contrast be good too.

FRIGIDE HASSENI love the idea of focussing on one colour-way and controlling what you buy to follow that theme, but then what happens to the Deimos or Iron Panda fans when there’s no Caesar for them? So for me it’s risk the regret later of not having that sought after EMGY and mix it up,instead.

So. Deep Comm.

(Oh yeah and now a way to answer my prayers – WWRp Caesar Fat Toga 10-pack, yay!)


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