Red Devil Lady Sham

Red Devil Lady ShamI started this post writing about the whole emo experience of F5-ing on the Bambaland Store when there’s a surprise drop.

{how many people stopped reading by this point do we think?}

Anywho thanks to the fancy new WordPress interface I managed to lose three paragraphs of waffle about that experience which I can’t begin to bother typing again.

So, instead.

Big celebration, Yay!! I secured my first surprise drop 6-months in to my first 3AA membership year. After about 10-hours of intermittent F5-ing including a couple of near-misses and/or cart-jackings I have got myself Red. Devil. Lady. Sham. Manchester Assault – complete with 1/6th Mr Bridger (sock puppet) ?!

Am I happy? You bet. Do I care that she doesn’t ship until Q4? Well yes and no. And I am already prepared for the likelihood that maybe she’ll be delayed because that’s not uncommon for the hatchery either – all in pursuit of toy excellence tho’.

And for all the unlucky ones, or those still frantically F5-ing, I totally get it, I have been there a few times this year already and I know I will be again.


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