WWRp Bertie Mk 3 Mode A – Deep Powder

This is a fabulous figure, almost becoming my favourite as soon as I had it in my hands.

I have lots of great 3A toys, the recent much anticipated arrival of the 3ALUX Caesar was immense,in many ways, the sixteen-inch height being just one. But this toy, standing a more modest 9-inches, and one of a series released at intervals over months now, is just wonderful.

Perfectly proportioned and in a great colourway, he stands staring me down as I type, shotgun at the ready and I can barely stop wanting to play with him long enough to commit my thoughts to the page. I want to change his pose, I want to rotate him an little and try viewing him from another angle, admire the combination of great design and perfect production.

My only tiny criticism, and it’s an easy one to deal with, is the bags. Sometimes I think they get in the way of the form or the awesome paint. Sometimes I don’t really like the shape or position of the odd one, but it’s easy enough to unhook a couple and leave others in place. So this time I have unhooked that big bag from the front, it reveals a lovely little circular hatch with a symbol of a lightning bolt or electrical spike, enough to hint at access to some power source in the Bertie’s guts…

Some of the bags removed themselves, they jump off the little hooks frequently when you reposition the figure or change the pose. One jumped off to reveal nothing more than some beautifully distressed paint, rippling and bubbling prior to blooming into rust, so that bag stayed off. For more on 3A’s jumping bag design see this excellent and detailed review of the JEA colourway of this figure by Knives on Rad Toy Review, here: *WWRp JEA Marine MK3 Bertie*


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