Red. And. Knives.

RIP003 Caesar

From the ‘Father & Son’ twin-pack, this is Rothchild Internal Police Zero Zero Three, or more commonly, RIP003

Another of the new Caesar bots in the World War Robot (WWR) 1/6th scale.

At an impressive 16.5-inches tall it is hard to know what to be most bowled over by, is it his scale, his range of posability,  his shiny black, white and redness, or his double pistols & double knives. Ashley Wood and the 3A crew have done it again, knocked the ball out of the park!

I’m just writing about RIP003 here, because in all honesty he is the only reason I bought the twin-pack. His ‘father’, Darwin Rothchild is an interesting character in Ashley Wood’s WWR mythos, but as a figure he’s not quite my thing. There’s too much that’s reminiscent of the fascist in the design of his clothing and apart from the brilliant contrast he makes in tone and scale stood next to the Caesar, I can’t find a compelling reason to display him. He may grow on me, but for now he remains in the box.

Cleverly RIP003 was released after the other Caesar’s, when those of us who had bought one, and wished we’d been able to buy more were just scraping together the funds for the next 3A drop. And what do they drop, but an unexpected colour variant of Caesar. And what a colour variant he is. Many a long term WWR fan has established their allegiance to a colourway, maybe it’s the weathered but colourful Dutch Merc or the popular EMGY, maybe it’s one of the shiny, factory new, Nightwatch or Daywatch black & white bots. Now suddenly, also factory fresh, comes 003, like a Ferrari all power and beauty and eye-catching promise of death.


And the flat head seems to add to the menace of this variant. I’m not sure why, the dome heads are fabulous, but the flat head seems more threatening.

And if Ashley’s suggestion is to be believed, that the dome means a larger brain a more calculating bot, then equally the flat head means a more instinctive and deadly one.

Danger. Red. And. Knives.

Rothchild Yes We Are Better


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