Counting Bodies Like Sheep

WWR CAESAR Gravedigger

3A Lux Caesar. Here we go again.

Caesar’s Gravedigger colour way took a while to grow on me. I was already a fan of the Heavy Bramble Gravedigger, I still have ambitions, if not space, to add the WWR 1/6th version to my collection.

shieldBut in the first previews of the Caesar it seemed like there was too strong an emphasis on the gothic G logo, both on the body and on the shield and the whole seemed over simplified, especially in comparison to some of the more sophisticated use of symbols on other variants.

cross and shovelThen as I started to see more images, as he started to land with new owners across the globe I was struck by both the brilliant use of white parts, a single hand, a shoulder, the fingers of one hand, and the consistent use of the same shade in other markings, stripes on a forearm, the ‘cross’ on the ‘drop-cloth’, the gravedigger’s shovel.

The more I saw it the more I realised this was a cleverly balanced piece with the dominant black/grey emphasised by the use of the white.

Another thing that crosses my mind is that I was maybe unconsciously choosing the opposite of my first choice, Deep Powder Commander. A predominantly white variant, contrasting well with the dominant dark shades of  Gravedigger.

Counting Bodies Like SheepMy preference is obvious, I am no great fan of  the very popular  3A Black & White combo, Nightwatch and Daywatch. Whereas these two have the appeal of weathering, rust, wear and damage.

There is a place for shiny and new (see RIP003) but maybe I like my bots to remind me of the familiar armoured fighting vehicle toys of my childhood, the tanks and similar models I built from an early age.

Present armsA quick word about weapons. Another small influencing factor in this choice was the Bertie Smrtgun (no I didn’t miss-spell it, it’s a cool name with a missing vowel – blame Ash). Deep Comm has the more familiar Claxton 80, the same weapon as my EMGY Armstrong, so it is always nice to discover  a bot comes with a new gun. And this is an interesting weapon, much more futuristic than the Claxton, it has sleek lines, a weird angular stock I don’t like , very similar to the equally ugly stock of the the shotguns carried by the Dropcloth’s – The Smrtgun also has a large cylindrical sighting mechanism offset on one side and at the business end, not a traditional sight, but a mini-drone – some kind of computerised sight which can rotate so that it’s sensors point off in any chose direction.

There is also the PAM handgun, styled in a much more traditional way, looking like a modern automatic from many a present day movie or cop show.

Worm FoodBut best of all, like the other Caesar’s Gravedigger comes with the Harmonic knife. In this case, in a single flat black/carbon colour, I don’t know why it is that the idea of these sophisticated fighting machines using the basic butchers tools of an earlier age is particularly appealing, but it works. That knife, in his mighty grip looks oh so menacing – easy to imagine why he carries the legend ‘Worm Food’.


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