f-legion 0024491

f-legion0024491Becoming a 3A Associate – joining the club – makes a lot of sense, not least because of the discount on the toys they sell through their Bambaland store.

You also get access to exclusives, most commonly a different colour variant to the main toy being sold. Plus each year there is a membership pack. This year that pack includes a cool messenger bag and cap, but also a unique toy, for members only, f-legion0024491

In 1/6th scale this is part of the Adventure Kartel sector of Ashley Wood’s toy lines, he is a character making his debut in 3-D form.

Here’s the blurb: “A relic from the NORTHERN SUBURB wars, the only remaining member of F-LEGION.”

“F-LEGION were experimental cyborgs designed to help the ADF against the hoards of robots pillaging the northern suburbs of New Andria!”

“0024491 was the only member to return from the mysterious ROBOT ISLAND after an ill-fated assault.”

“0024491 has never spoken of the mission and to this day still carries on his prime directive to protect the northern suburbs from all trouble merchants and shit stirrers.”

This figure seems to offer a number of firsts, apart from being a debut character, he also has sneakers with a new design, jeans, and a zip up fabric mask with eye-holes, for menace or anonymity… who knows?

I don’t think he’s the first AK figure to be armed with a baseball bat, but it is certainly not a commonly featured weapon.

Unusually he came poly-bagged with header card rather than boxed. Again this may not be a first, but it is out of the ordinary for a 3A figure.

I was really looking forward to this figure and on the whole I’m pretty pleased with him. In the pre-release promo images his clothing looked cleaner, and therefore the jacket looked blacker, the grime effect has made this come out as more of a brown than a black. Generally I’m a fan of the dirtied up look of 3A stuff, but this time I think I’d have preferred the cleaner blacker jacket. I’m pretty sure the sneakers looked a different colour too.

However I love the head sculpt, a completely new look with a strong brow and very effective eyes. The jeans are excellent, as is the baseball bat, the wood finish is very well done, although a visible mould seam slightly lets down the overall effect. 3A veterans are quick to suggest that things like this seam are indicators of a lowering of quality control in the production, maybe as a response to increased number of customers and increased output of products. I don’t have enough of the older figures to make this comparison, and I’m left liking this figure too much to worry about a few small shortcomings. bagged


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