FuriousPurpose the toy

"Grumpy" FuriousPurpose by Rosemary Beetle

“Grumpy” FuriousPurpose by Rosemary Beetle

I have received the most amazing gift.

A one-off, handmade, custom toy of me as my digital alter-ego FuriousPurpose.

Having just left my job of the past 29 years, the people I worked and traveled with, the friends I have made during those years have gone crazy and spoilt me rotten. Their generosity in word and deed has been very touching.

And a great embodiment of that sentiment is this unique and fabulous keepsake. Credit and thanks for the sculpting and making of this figure goes to RosemaryBeetle [@rosemarybeetle]

Standing three-inches tall, the “Grumpy” edition of FuriousPurpose is based on Frank Kozik’s Smorkin’ MonQee – “The Peoples Soldier” an image of which is my avatar on most digital platforms. Given my propensity for jeans, the tell-tale green garment, plus a pint of real ale, only the abundance of hair leans more in the direction of the look of the toy than the reality!

For some images of how Rosemary Beetle made it, see his Flickr set.

Thanks Andrew.


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