Nefarious 10 Finger Gang

Oh this was a difficult sale, so many figures so little budget! So this ‘gang’ of ten zombots is made up of eleven figures. Gang members 1 – 10 and their leader, King Thumb. The difficult decision facing those of us with insufficient budget to buy all eleven figures was which ones to go for. As soon as I saw King Thumb’s sledgehammer I was pretty sure I wanted him. It looked great in the pre-release images and it looks even better in hand. Given that he also has a pistol and a japanese short sword plus a long coat, there were too many temptations to resist him.

Then it was about choosing a number. They are all different colours, and they pretty much have different weapons. My first instinct was to get #10, in his yellow boiler suit and with four pistols he just looked so cool, and I liked the boldness of #1’s pink colour scheme. But in the end it wasn’t too difficult to make #7 the second choice. I loved the contrast of the red and white, I loved the rocket launcher. In hand he is a great figure, better than King Thumb really despite all his special extras.

Subsequently I decided missing out on #10 Had been a mistake, so having sold on a couple of older non-3A toys I used those funds to buy him on the secondary market, inevitably he was more expensive than he’d have been on release, but not excessively so given that he seems to have been one of the most popular post sale pick-ups – presumably because he fits so well with the EMGY colourway figures…

For the record, given more pennies I’d have grabbed #1 and #3 as well, in that order of preference – although given the disappointing difference in the blue boiler suit between #3’s promo images and the finished figure I may have regretted that. If ever there was a case for re-colouring a figure I’d opt to have made #3 bluer! In fact if I can get him in a trade later I may re-colour the boiler suit myself.


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