On occasion 3A produces something which doesn’t quite fit in with it’s established line. Sometimes this is a brand new product line or a licensed product from a comic or movie. Very rarely it is something like the Milk Dropcloth.

Dropcloths have been issued in a large variety of colourways and some of these are now very hard to find and potentially costly to buy if you can find a collector willing to part with one. What they all have in common though is that the colourway – the paint and symbols on each – relate in some way to the storyline behind World War Robot and one of the factions fighting in that fictional war.

Except Milk.

Hong Kong Lactose CorpSo far no attempt has been made to explain the presence in a group of fighting robots of a Milkman, complete with scale bottles of said dairy product.

Admittedly he is armed with a pistol, so arguably he could be a covert operative, apparently bringing your daily pint of calcium enriched goodness but really ready to assassinate enemies of the state, or maybe he just carries the sidearm to make bill collection easier going up against feisty housewives (or house-husbands). Alternatively maybe he is out to eradicate the lactose intolerant, but this seems the least likely scenario.

The figure was released in association with a Hong Kong produced magazine called Milk. My understanding is that it is a design related mag, nothing to do with dairy products or farming.

However Ashley Wood the creative mind behind 3A chose to take the magazine’s name more literally and rather wonderfully include not just miniature milk bottles but feature as a design in the Dropcloth fabric itself a molecular diagram  for lactose.

Additionally the legend ‘COVALENT’ is printed on the DC’s left forearm – and my gratitude to Mad and Scott of 3Albion for telling me that lactose has covalent bonds in its chemical make-up and helping me to puzzle out the meaning of the marking.

MKAs to this particular Dropcloths scarcity, well there were apparently only 300 manufactured, which for a toy with a potential global market is a pretty small number. This inevitably increased both its rarity on the market and its resale value. However after many months of waiting for Milk to surface and then watching as the price went beyond my modest budget, finally I was lucky enough to find and secure number 009 of 300.

Almost my first action on receiving him was to reverse his skirt! As distributed the front cloth bears the name of the fictional ‘Hong Kong Lactose Corp’ and a little cryptically C12H22O11 which is the chemical formula (C12H22O11 ) representing lactose – Thanks interwebs for providing that tidbit of info. While the back cloth shows the more intriguing and in my opinion more beautiful aforementioned molecular diagram of lactose. Once that was done I just had to distribute his supply of milk bottles around his various pouches and arm him appropriately to take some quick photos.

I don’t care that he has no official place in the “storyline”, he is one cool robot and maybe the quirkiness of a fighting machine with a milk round is what appeals the most



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