Powell House

Young people are mentalists, the lot of ’em, mad as a bag of frogs!

That’s what keeps grumpy old geezers like me feeling young though, laughing at, err I mean with the youngsters…

Amongst the mentalists, there is always a King & Queen – the biggest mentalists of their generation.

I haven’t had the honour of meeting the King yet, but without doubt Her Majesty the Queen of The Nutters is our dear friend Lizzie.

To mark her achievement of this elevated status of lunacy, and because she will make a “Squeeeee” of delight at this (which will be so high pitched I won’t be able to hear it), our first Bee Hive and our first Queen Bee are named in her honour.

Thanks to the genius and generosity of Sign-O-Matic
a brilliant website (www.signomatic.co.uk) offering free signs to bloggers, we are able to commemorate her ascension by making a sign for attachment to the front of the hive.


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