Again with the weather?!

No doubting that the reason we live in a green and pleasant land is because of our weather patterns, our moderate temperatures and our rainfall.

But it is messing with my plans. Bees are not crazy about rain, they don’t fly to collect pollen and nectar if there is heavy rain. And they’re not keen on strong winds either. Oh, and they don’t do so well in the cold, so you really don’t want to take the roof off their house when the temperature is low. They spend a lot of time and energy keeping the temperature in the hive at an optimal level, so lifting the lid and letting all that carefully controlled atmosphere out is certainly not something to do on a cool or cold day.

After a lovely dry and warm couple of weeks in late April the weather has suddenly turned unpredictable, showery, cool and blowy. Not a great time to get a nucleus hive of bees and move them to a new location.

So the colony are not yet in residence. We await a few warm dry days. C’mon May, get your act together.


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