I am a grumpy, old, unsociable, bastard. I am into designer toys, comics & graphic novels,  photography, basketball, whisky and real ale. Other random interests, Japanese culture, Propaganda posters, Beekeeping, Jackson Pollock and Vincent van Gogh.

I am an intermittent Twitterer @FuriousPurpose and only rarely can I muster the enthusiasm to write more than 140 characters, when I can, it happens here. Oh and if you are wondering “who are all these weird aliases and WTF do they mean?” – read this post to find out.

In real life I read, a lot. When reading I listen to music. The rest of the time I am watching movies or TV or surfing the web, often at the same time.

Everything else is in the posts. Or in the gaps between the posts!

Authors I like to read include – Iain M Banks, Alastair Reynolds, Robert Crais, Elmore Leonard, Georges Simenon, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Robert B. Parker, Neal Stephenson, Alan Moore, John Irving, Robertson Davies, Nicola Upson, Nick Hornby, Bernard Cornwell, JRR Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Joe Sacco, Bill Bryson, Kate Atkinson, Reginald Hill, David M. Pierce, Peter Lovesey, Gerald Durrell, Agatha Christie,

The music I listen to whilst reading includes – The Cocteau Twins, Billy Bragg, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Lemon Jelly, DJ Shadow, Four Tet, The National, PJ Harvey, Elvis Costello,  Martha Wainwright, Orbital, Sam Brown, Joy Division, R.E.M., Pink Floyd, Natalie Merchant, Beastie Boys, Green Day, Van Morrison, The Smiths, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Pogues, Bjork, Ian Dury, Elbow, Amanda Palmer, Talk Talk, Hold Steady Alison Krauss (& Union Station)

My top ten films: Seven Samurai, Lost in Translation, The Big Lebowski, Fargo, Akira, The Taking of Pelham 123 (1974), Ran, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

& my top TV programmes: West Wing, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Wire, Inspector Morse & Lewis.


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