Hello & Goodbye

ToygraphThis a short post welcoming those who have checked out a URL I gave them and found themselves in this strange blog which seems nothing much to do with the context from which they know me.


You are in the right place, but don’t feel obliged to stay only out of politeness.

And to those same friends –


And thank you. It has been wonderful working alongside you for so many years, I shall miss you and the place and the job.

But I certainly won’t miss the commuting, except a few special friends from the train, Maureen, Jane, Mark, Kimberley, Sian, Dave, Patrick and of course Shyrel.

Plus, and especially, the Pearly Queen of Fashion and Tickle Lion.

If any of you do come back here from time to time, I may have updated this blog with the odd bit of news about bees and/or dry stone walls, and maybe other parts of the continuing adventure…

See you for a visit, or maybe at a beer festival!


Good Luck Moss O’Brien

Had to post a link to my friend Lorna’s new blog, which follows her evolving adventure as she and her family move their whole lives north (waaay north) to Caithness in Scotland.

Read all about it here: highlandthing.blogspot.com

All us soft southerners are gonna miss them, but we’re looking forward to the distillery tours if we can wrangle an invitation to visit!

Walking the Tube

I have just been looking at a fascinating project which my good friend Mark Moxon (the web’s favourite travel writer) is planning for his summer activity – Walking the Tube.

He’s no newbie to these sorts of massive walking projects, and his writing pedigree alone is enough to tell you that this is a blog to watch – Added to which he is walking for a great charity, the Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

So what are you waiting for, find out what he has planned, follow the walk on his blog and if you admire his commitment or enjoy his writing, make a donation.